Attractor + Numeric scale factor

Hello community, I am new in wrestling with GH for some 2D perforation projects.

I am looking for a solution giving exact numeric values to the circles resulting from the attraction scaling. For example, the circle furthest from the curve shall be 0.8, the circles closest to the curve shall be 2.0. In between the circles can graduate in 0.1-steps. (That would display the perforation pin sizes and create CNC data our perforation machine can process…)

Thank you, any ideas are much appreciated :slight_smile:

attractor+numeric (14.6 KB)

attractor+numeric (17.6 KB)

If you don’t need the datatree structure, you could flatten the Plane parameter…

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attractor+numeric (17.1 KB)


Using the Round expression you can choose how many decimal places you want to be left with at the end, Round([Number to Round], [Decimal Places])

attractor+numeric (11.2 KB)



Welcome @spaceoddity!

Guys, thanks to all of you, very much! Seems many roads are leading to Rome :slight_smile: