Attractor curve-move XY-double geometry

I am trying to modify XY positions of array geometry based on attraction to a curve. I am close but have double geometry on the end result. As I will be lofting this with my base array of squares this is a problem. Any help is appreciated.

Attractor curve-move XY-double (42.7 KB)

The points output from SqGridare not the center points of grid cells. They are grid corners.
Attractor curve-move XY-double (15.1 KB)

The number of points from SqGrid ‘P’ output (1,156) is more than the number of squares in the grid, the ‘C’ output: 33 X 33 = 1,089

So I rewired slightly, then lofted as you suggest? Not sure about other aspects…

Attractor curve-move XY-double (20.0 KB)

Ah, perfect. I see my mis-wiring. Thanks!

Thanks Joseph. I had a general idea how to loft together but this would have taken me some time. I am new to GH but have used Rhino forever. This is very helpful. Thanks!

This (below) takes it a step further, to the gold standard “Closed Brep” for solids.

Attractor curve-move XY-double (21.5 KB)

Note that internal to your cluster Remap+, I flattened the input to Bnd (Bounds). Instinct and experience tells me this, not reasoning in this case…?

Wonderful. How difficult is it then to add a thick (5-10mm) section to the top and then cut to be a circle? This was my next step…

Probably not difficult at all, though I’m not sure what you mean? Show us?

Here’s an example of adding a “washer” on top. (purple group)

I am trying it now based on your last modification.

I think I am stuck in how to remove the top cap as I believe this is preventing a closed brep.

Attractor curve-move XY-double (37.0 KB)

Your posted code appears to be incomplete?

Here’s how to ignore the tops of the closed breps, using only the bottoms and lofted sides:

I am closer but the solid diff if not right. I had not used Item List before…this is great. What am I missing on the solid diff?

Attractor curve-move XY-double (54.1 KB)

I see no point using Cap instead of both boundary surfaces, as before? Do you see what the ‘B’ input to SDiff is? Two “Closed Brep” cylinders. What do you expect from SDiff in that case?

I see. Let me rework this. Might be tomorrow. Really appreciate your insight.

This is probably messy and too many steps. I am close, just a few extra pieces of geometry. If you have a chance to review/comment that would be great. Thanks.

Attractor curve-move XY-double (62.3 KB)

I took a different approach.

NOTE: replaced SUnion with Brep Join in version ‘b’
Attractor_curve-move XY-double (37.6 KB)

Each brep is used to slice the other, then the largest resulting piece of each is used.

Attractor_curve-move XY-double (37.6 KB)

P.S. Later… A more “aggressive” influence of attractor curve (yellow) due to proximity and scale.

Attractor_curve-move XY-double (40.9 KB)

Wonderful! Reviewing everything now. Thanks so much. Very insightful.

Super helpful. Thanks again.