Changing geometry with curve attractor

hello community, my level of gh is not so good but i was trying to solve this problem since a bit of time and nothing worked. I am trying to design triangular windows which angle changes following a curve, my idea was to start with 3 points to form a triangle and one point’s height changes ( ranging from 1 to 1000) 3 (24.1 KB) essaie.3dm (39.3 KB) and then link the points and extrude them to surfaces. i tried crating a surface and changing th height if the joint line and parametrize it to change according to curve attractors didnt work either. i will share my files gere and apprectiate if anyone point what am doing wrong thanks in advance

Two Curve params in your file are not initialized:

In both cases however, it appears to me that the peak of the “triangle” has already been established by the Move component (green) whose output is used by two Line components.

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Something like this?

3 (12.4 KB)

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Check this also give you an idea how to use attractor, you find two solutions one with regular components and one with Heteroptera addon (16.2 KB)

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that is exactly it, i just needed to reverse the domain parameters it works perfectly. thanks a lot for your help, i will study and learn from your code because some components are new to me :smiley:

thanks khaled for your reply, i appreciate your help. i have a question though, i cant find how to control the number of the y axes elements and if i insert the length i need it doesn’t match the real value i need. if i need the points to be repeated x times on the y axes with a distance of 4200 for exemple.

D for distance and N for the number of repeats

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perfect , thanks a lot