Attempting to save a Snapshot crashes Rhino

This is with BETA (6.0.17325.8311, 21/11/2017)

To reproduce this:
a) Launch WIP w/o model
b) select Snapshots tab in panel
c) click Floppy Disk icon
d) Save as… (asdf)
e) OK


That procedure doesn’t cause a crash here.
Your GPU drivers are from 2014. Could you uninstall these and install a current version?

The problem persists with the latest nVidia drivers


Are there any particular settings you want me to fiddle with?

Could you try the following:

  • Disable the RDK_EtoUI plugin. From the menu: Tools->Options and then under the Plug-ins panel.
  • Restart Rhino
    Does it still crash when you save a snapshot?

Could you send me your system information, please. In Rhino run the _SystemInfo command.


  • Lars

Disabling the RDK_EtoUI plugin has fixed this, Lars.

Thank you

With the RDK_EtoUI plugin enabled:
Does your system crash (did you sent the crash info to us) or is it unresponsive?

We found the problem. Will be fixed in the next Rhino Beta.

Great news. Thank you, Lars. Just for the record: This did crash Rhino. It didn’t just make it unresponsive.