Attaching objects around curves

I am learning to design shoes, and I have hit a stopping point. I want to attach a flat sole around a curved shoe and its an stl file. Does anyone have any knowledge on how to do this?

Hi Adam- please post the file with the meshes and curves.


SoleofPenny.3dm (334.9 KB)

Hi Adam… Sorry, not much I can do with just that - do you have the upper?

I guess one approach would be to CageEdit the thing into place with a surface as a control.

But it will not be terribly accurate - the mesh is pretty coarse.

SoleofPenny_PG.3dm (772.1 KB)


The upper is in that first google drive link

Hi Adam - Guess I’d do what I suggested previously if you just want to modify the meshes. In this case I ran TestRefineMesh on the sole to give it more polys across the top. (note Test commands to not auto complete and are not supported or in the help file- i.e. use at your own risk). The control surface is a degree 5 by 5 surface attached to the sole using CageEdit. You can point edit this object to modify the mesh. (1.4 MB)


Hello Pascal, Shoemaker
Could you please capture some of your sole modellings by rhino and share it please? I am trying to learn by myself alone from you tube videos only. Therre are may problems that I cannot solve. i watched all the videos on the internet about the shoe soles, but they are the easy ones. A three colors of sport shoes sole looks so complicated.