Assigning textures

Hello Brian,
This question is on a different subject. When applying textures on a surface the process seems unstable and aléatoire. I applied a texture to several contingent surfaces and when I changed the number of repetitions two of those surfaces changed but the others didn’t. Also, at first I didn’t notice that the designation had changed to custom object and when I switched all of the surfaces to surface one of the surfaces changed direction. Also, when applying the same texture to different surfaces sometimes they are in one direction and sometimes in another. I just tried applying a texture to both sides of an object, on one side the textures were in the same direction and on the other one element was in the opposite direction to the other sections. Very annoying. Also, the box for changing the number of repetitions changes numbers by itself. If I delete a number it often shifts to 0.00 without me intervening. Am I missing something?

Thank you

Joe Neill