Assigning display modes to individual objects

I noticed this option in the Other Settings area of the display modes.

How do I actually do this. Possible? Or is this a legacy option.

What I am basically looking for is Shaded but with some transparency on specific objects… like windows.

Also… Is there a way to do Shaded but in grey scale? I see it’s easy to assign the same surface colour to everything, but it’s too uniform that way. I’m looking to be able to add some contrast between objects, but still have everything grey. I see the Color Reduction % box for edges. I’m looking to do that to the surfaces basically.

My client has a pretty specific look in mind for these images (we’re not doing renders) and I’d rather not reassign all the layer colours (I have a system)

Could desaturate them in photoshop later but would be ideal if there was some display mode setting I can’t seem to find so I can make any adjustments in real time.

Are you looking for the SetObjectDisplayMode command?


Gold star. Thanks Dale.

Am I out of luck on the greyscale thing?

Does this help?

I think that should give the right effect but I don’t want to permanently change the layer colours.

Use the LayerStateManager to save and restore layer colors…

You could also create a layout and change the detail layer colors. This would require a slight mod to the script.

Winner. Many thanks Dale. Never occurred to me that layerstate manager would do that.

I should add that there are lots of rgb color to grayscale formulas. So if you don’t like mine, you can always use a different one.

If I were using a formula I might try and introduce some kind of bell curve… To kindof make them more distinctive.

Actually if I had to do this routinely I might like code the layer names somehow so the layer might be like


then the script would read the layer name and then make that layer 50% grey.

I’m finding that most of the colours I tend to use are pretty close to the same value and thus look the same in greyscale. I ended up having to reset a lot of them anyway.

Well thanks again Dale that was a big help.

Here is a fancier version if you are looking for more options.

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would be great to be able to SetObjectDisplayMode by layer?! SetLayerDisplayMode???

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