How to identify subsurfaces in a polysurface?

There is a polysurface of a closed solid body. Subsurfaces are assigned to the logo and materials are assigned. How to do this?

01.3dm (180.5 KB)

Hello- you can Ctrl-Shift click on a face as assign a display color to the face - is that what you mean?




Now explode this polysurface into multiple individual surfaces. How to identify the colors of these individual surfaces? When these surfaces are merged into polysurfaces again, the colors of these surfaces remain unchanged?

Hello- did you try it?


I have tried your method. In polysurfaces, you can specify subsurfaces to set colors.

Now multiple separate surfaces are created here, and corresponding layers and colors are assigned to all surfaces.

But after combining all these surfaces into an overall polysurface, the layers and colors of all subsurfaces in the combined polysurface are unified.

How can we keep the original colors or layers of the subsurfaces in the merged polysurface?
2.3dm (192.2 KB)

You can’t in Rhino 7 as far as I know. You can in Rhino 8.

How to operate in Rhino8?

Not sure I understand the question.

In Rhino 8, you can apply per-face colors to individual faces in a polysurface, explode the polysurface into individual surfaces and then re-join the surfaces. The joined polysurface retains the per-face color of the objects originally set.

Specify the color of the subsurfaces in the polysurface, then explode the polysurface, and then reassemble the polysurface. The color of the subsurfaces of the recombined polysurface remains unchanged. I can also achieve this in Rhino7.

However, all the surfaces in my model are components of polysurfaces that were exploded without specifying subsurface colors. After exploding, specifying corresponding colors and layers for these surfaces, and then combining them into a whole polysurface, The colors of these surfaces cannot be saved.

This model can be used for testing.
2.3dm (192.2 KB)

The individual surfaces must be set to per-face color before joining. (1.6 KB)

Thank you for your suggestion!

I would like to ask, is there a way to control the display and hiding of subsurfaces in polysurfaces?

You can’t hide individual faces of a polysurface. It is possible to apply a transparent material to one face which will be visible in Rendered mode.

There appear to be some interesting artifact glitches if the object display mode is set to rendered though.

OK, thank you very much for your advice!