Assigning a new parameter to Generic Model

Hi @Rickson , @kike , @eirannejad ,
I am trying to bake a brep to Revit as a ‘Generic Model’, and to assign a parameter to it.
These are my first RhinoInside steps, so please forgive me for the ignorance.

The error message that appears is: (8.5 KB)

In the RevitInside help docs, there is a mention that the parameter must first be added to the Project parameters. Which I did:

I am not sure why is the upper message ‘Parameter Colour is not defined in Element’ still there.
Do I maybe need to add the ‘Colour’ parameter inside the ‘Shared parameters’?
Any help from your side is welcomed.

Lets make sure you assigned the Project Parameter to the correct Category, everything else appears correct.

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Thank you @Japhy,
In the file I attached there is the same ‘Generic Models’ category as an input.

The way I made it work is by adding the parameter to ‘Shared Parameters’ (labeled in “2” below):


Thank you for the help.