Assigning a Macro to a Keyboard Shortcut

Perhaps I am approaching this the wrong way - alas I still haven’t got to grips with scripting yet.

Ultimately I am better versed in writing Macros, and I’d like to bind a list of simple commands to a keyboard-shortcut,

For instance, CTRL + W -> Mirror, then SelLast, then Scale1D

What approach would you take with this? Like I say I haven’t had much practice in the scripting side of things.

Thanks in advance everyone

You can copy and paste a macro directly into the “Command macro” line of the “Aliases” Tab in Rhino Options.

For your example you could do the same but in the “Keyboard” Tab under any of the preset key combinations.

This is incredible! Man, day by day I love this programme even more.
Thanks buddy

You’re welcome Tom - I still feel much the same - and I’ve been using Rhino for almost 20 years…

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