List of shortcuts?

Is there a list of shortcuts out there somewhere, or do I need to set it up manually on my iMac? Looking for things like rotate view, pan,etc…

you can have a look at the default list of keyboard shortcuts by going
Rhinoceros-> Commands-> Customize-> Keyboard Shortcuts

you can see the default macros by going
Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Aliases

that said, i suspect you’re looking for navigation controls and their modifier keys?
Zoom = Middle Mouse Wheel
Rotate = Right Mouse Button (orbit in sketchup lingo)
Pan = shift + RMB

trackpads work a little different too.

some of this stuff is already covered in the Rhino for Mac user guide:

other camera control options can be found here… these all work on mac… use command instead of ctrl… option instead of alt

Thanks for the links, Jeff. Sounds like I may need to replace my mouse that came with the iMac for one with two buttons and a wheel?

i’m not really sure… i’ve never used a magic mouse and i’m not quite sure how it translates with rhino for mac. i assume it has similar functionality- and maybe even more- but again, i’ve never used one.

Ok, I think that’s my issue… I’ll look for a mouse with a few more buttons and a wheel. Thanks!

Well I use a Magic Mouse at work. It has it’s good & bad points. It can be set to have a right mouse button. Using MagicPrefs helps. I do find the zoom a bit annoying, so I just use command + right mouse button.

I use a 2 button wheel mouse here at home because my old MacPro doesn’t have Bluetooth and the old Apple Mouse scroll ball always gummed up.

I also have all my Aliases in a text file that I import into Rhino OSX. Aliases are my fav, helpful shortcut, and Gumball.


I just ordered the Naga mouse, so I’ll see how that does.


How do you import aliases into MacRhino? (I seem to have missed this trick and Import and Export are still grayed out in the Rhinoceros > Commands > Customize menu).

Is there yet a way to export existing MacRhino shortcuts, even as a text file just to have handy? Pretty please with sugar on top. :slight_smile:


Well with sugar on top, hey! Go to Preferences / Aliases then the little gear at the bottom. See below.

Here is my Aliases Text file.

Cheers, Randy

Rhino Aliases Only.txt (1.1 KB)

Here’s your sugar. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Being able to export the Commands will put a cherry on top.


Hi Dave,

do you mean export commands as in Macros or Aliases?

Aliases can be exported to text file from same place. I am not sure about macros or commands linked to tool icons?

Elaborate please


File Menu > Rhinoceros > Commands > Customize. Would love to be able to export the Keyboard Shortcuts into some kind of text file to simply have as a reference. Importing Keyboard Shortcuts would also be handy (especially for those using WinRhino as well), but this is likely more complex and less of an immediate wish.

In order to create any kind of reference to Keyboard Shortcuts in MacRhino, (ones that I’ve defined and continue to define as I work) it seems the only method to have any kind of reference is to take screenshots. This is a kludge, but it works, sort of. Obviously, once a new command is added one needs to take more screenshots.

Undoubtedly, the MacRhino team is very busy with many MacRhino topics, but a down and dirty export (or even some way to simply select, copy, and paste the list) would be supremely helpful for folks who are heavily putting MacRhino through its paces. While I also own WinRhino, I have less and less need (or, quite honestly, desire) to use my Windows side—other than for Grasshopper and other plugins—since MacRhino is working so well.


@jeff_hammond: You gotta be feeling the same pain, right?

the main reason I’d like to be able to export keyboard shortcuts is for an easy means to be synced between computers. (though a secondary advantage would be to have a .txt list of them)

it’s not too intense to do it manually but…

another one which is a bit more painful to sync are display modes.

Yup, what he said…

the thing about display modes though is that it would be better if it were able to be done with rhino’s .ini files so we could download/share modes created with any version:

…instead of only being able to do mac-to-mac… i’m not sure if that makes it harder or not possible but it probably would be better that way.

Not much added value with this post but I dream of a way to export/import keyboard shortcuts to sync computers…

Try copying the file below from your user Preferences folder in Library to those computers you want to inherit.


I assume it contains keyboard shortcuts (I don’t use em, customized), but I can confirm this .plist contains many other customizations.

Logged as MR-2955. I’ll see if I can easily just get these out to a text file. If not, I’ll have to move this off to 6.x.

Yeah, I don’t want this to get confused with exporting the shortcuts in a portable way…that’s a bigger task. What @DigiFabLab is requesting - and this took me a little bit of time to fully appreciate - was just a way of exporting and printing the list for reference purposes.