Customing Keyboard [single key] Shortcuts

My apologies if that is solved yet but I’ve been reading around with no discoveries…

Into the Rhino Options > Keyboard I’m finding a list of preset key combos but nothing with single keys…

How can I make that (for example) C+Enter activates _Copy or S+Enter activates _Mirror??

M+Enter is by default activating _Move and that is a huge help, I just want more of this but setting it up personally…

Thank you very much!!

Use Aliases for this.
Rhino Options > Aliases

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Thaaaaanks a lot :slight_smile:


If i understand what you want, that would be an Alias, not a Shortcut:

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Hola Rodri,

Absolutely. I didn’t know what Aliases were… and they have always been there!!!

Thank you so much!!

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