Recommendations on where to purchase high quality Rhino 3d Vray tree models

Hello all. Would anyone be able to recommend a vendor that I could purchase high quality 3D tree models from? Hopefully, I would like to purchase one’s which are specifically modeled in Rhino, or decently exported to Rhino format. We use Vray for Rhino for all of our rendering. I know such models are not cheap, but we are willing to pay for quality. Any suggestions?

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There are a few here:


My advice is to buy 3d model libraries for max+vray and converting them to vrscene files.
There is nothing good enough in rhino format…
Let me know if you need more details😉

Vizpark has some models prepared for Rhino:

I do not have the Rhino versions, but I have some ‘Real Trees’ for Modo and they seem well made.


I have exactly the same problems and i am looking for good collections 3D (trees, car…) for making good render into Vray for Rhino 6. From your point of view the conversion from 3dsmax to rhino with vrscene is the best way to have best trees 3d ? Which library for 3Ds max could you recommend to me ? The Vrscene works well in Rhino if i have over 100 trees in my scene ? Thanks for your help

I’ve had some reasonable success recently with converting files. I think they were obj or 3DS files. I had to fix some of the textures but that didn’t take too long.

This was in V6 WIP.

Do you have particular libraries you would recommend? How would one convert a file into a vrscene file? I would love more details.

Maxtree are probably the best.


I came across those yesterday, and I agree. They look great. How would you convert them into a format Rhino can work with? Do they weigh down your model if you are using a lot?


Unfortunately, I just figured out that the only way is use their .fbx and it requires quite a bit of work to get them renderable, because you will need to convert all materials to V-Ray materials and assign the proper maps.

ideally you will make proxy objects or scenes out of them and only load the full mesh at render time.

Hi everyone,

Did anyone managed to figure out how to convert these assets to Rhino Vray in a fast manner instead of opening each file, rescaling and converting to a Proxy with all the materials adjusted and stored ? It takes forever to do this.

Additionally any other websites with assets to buy ? Did you buy stuff from them , in what format do they come ?

Cheers !

The easy way is this:
Export the max files to vrscene and import the vrscene in rhino.

You need 3dsmax demo and vray demo to do it