Assembly Stages / Exploded Diagrams for Models


Hi Guys,

My apologies in advance if there are posts existing for this topic, but I’m unfamiliar with the terminology/commands so my search was a challenge.

We use linked blocks to create assemblies, and document parts at all stages (parts, assemblies, master assemblies).

Is there a way (possibly through named views or similar), to create stages of a model, like a Lego instruction sheet? This could also be used to create exploded views.
These stages would be shown in a series of layouts, along with assembly information.

The model, when imported into a master, would ideally show the completed state.

I tried using the ‘layout layer visibility’, but the visibility resets every time the linked blocks are updated, or when the drawing is opened again.

Thanks in advance,


G’day Kristen,

A couple of things to try are:
Named Views
Hide in Detail
Named Positions


Hi Ncik.

Woah. Those commands are awesome.

Hide in detail works great. That should get us out of trouble.
It doesn’t reset upon reopening of file as hiding in detail layer does. Woot!

Named Position also looks promising.
Does exactly what I hoped it would, but I can’t seem to save, or link the position to a Named View.
Named View seem to only remember the camera angle, and not the Named Position.

Do you know how I can link them?

Thanks again for your help.


Named Position and Named Views are unconnected so you can’t link it together.
You can create a Macro or a scripts to manage both togheter…


Thanks Skysurfer.

Sounds a bit tricky.
I’m yet to delve into scripting yet, but I am increasingly finding reasons to learn.