Creating quick exploded views


Just wondering if there is a way to quickly crate an exploded view of a model (like you would get with Lego instructions etc.) without having to select items and move them by a set amount on various axis.

Could a script be written to move all parts away from each other by a set amount on a set axis or intelligently move all parts away from each other on various axis?

Just trying to save a little time!

It is possible to script, I believe- but a fair bit of work to make it work to make it work cleanly. For now, NamedPositions should be a help in setting these things up. Also, testScalePosition.


Here’s a tip for using the NamedPositions (that I found out the hard way!)

  1. Before you move anything, select ALL geometry and name it something
    like “Original Position” or “Start”
  2. Then, move stuff around and save each stage with a unique name.
  3. Repeat as needed.
  4. With the first step complete, you’ll always be able to get back to the
    original / beginning state.

I also recommend opening and docking the NamedPosition side-panel – and then using the thumbnail option for quick and easy access to all of the NamedPosition states.


I suppose you could try eVe | explode - though by the sound of it, it is still rather basic.

That is pretty cool. I will have to see if I can animate it and then also render with V-Ray … could be GREAT if that is possible, :bomb: boom.

Thank you all,

What a fantastic plugin. Knew I wouldn’t be the only person who’d thought this.

The other plugins by Programming Architecture look really good too.

Trying to employ named positions. This could be great for me but something is not right.!
The first screenshot is the original position and I save it as such.

The 2nd is the exploded view I am trying to save.

The 3rd shot is what it does when I double click on the named position for screenshot 2.

It will not put the highlighted object into the exploded view. It will move the outside most one into exploded view, but not the middle one!

Of course I figured it out…I needed to use “Append Named position” not “Update named position” to save the corrected layout.

However, it in layouts, is there no way to create two details side by side in a layout showing both the original position and the named position. that would be great…

Hi - that’s correct. You’ll need to make a copy of the objects and place those in the “exploded” positions and then, in each detail either pick layers to show or objects to not be visible in a specific detail.

Thank you

Yes, this will be really nice, other wise… you need to save as, not a good idea