Version 6 SR10
(6.10.18288.23181, 10/15/2018)

not sure what is the reason the arrow tips get bigger when you zoom away. Has anyone else seen this. Maybe its because its from a DXF file. not sure.arrow gets bigger.3dm (243.2 KB)

Arrowhead objects - like Dots - are screenspace objects, they do not live in model space. They have a constant size relative to the screen and do not change with the zoom level, which is why they appear to get bigger when you zoom out.

Unfortunately, I do not have a good solution for you in this case, I have always thought that Rhino needed an arrowhead that would work like a dimension arrow and have a fixed size relative to the model, but I don’t think it exists. It is possible to create a curved leader, but the procedure is painful, you only have a spline as a possibility (no arcs as far as I can tell) and the arrow is only on one end…

I guess I would just draw your arrowhead geometry as a solid hatch, you could also make it into a block that you can insert, etc…

It would be nice if you could In Rhino lock the relative size of both the “arrowhead” and “dot”. respective to the view. Maybe that could be in an update.

The dot growing as you move the view around is very annoy.

Yeah, these are sorta dinosaurs… Originally created for screenshot annotations I guess, they have been around since like Rhino 1.0.

Dots are still fairly useful for certain things, so I would leave then as they are. If you want annotations that scale with the model but look like dots, you can use a simple Text with a mask.

On the other hand, the arrows seem less useful, especially as they need to be attached to curves, and the curves change size with the zoom level but the heads don’t… Plus there is no alternative aside from leaders which have the limitations outlined above.

I’ve added this thread (and Mitch’s comment) to an existing YT item: RH-37989

I like using the arrows when I section something and show the section. Some times it works out, but more often then not it doesn’t. Usually I need to make an arrow, and apply a hatch, or explode a dimension and mover the parts around then join and apply the hatch.

Ill have to try the text and mask next time I do an assembly drawing

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yes the solid hatch works, so I drew it filled it then erased the border lines. I think I put those origional arrows on with arrowhead command.