Arrowheads (and dots) do not zoom

I am reviewing drawings (Rhino 5) where the students used arrowheads on lines instead of leaders. When you zoom the drawing the arrowheads do not change size, just like text dots. Is there a work-around to change this behavior? I generally select all dots and hide them, but it’s a little more difficult with the arrowheads. I can use SelDot for the dots and SelLine to select all lines, but that is not what I want. The arrowheads become part of the open curve/line. I cannot even find a way to delete the arrowhead once it is placed.

I chatted with Brian in Tech Support and he is putting in a Feature Request but I’m wondering if someone had found a way around this.

Rhino 5
Dell Precision M4800 8Gb nvidia Quadra K1100M 2Gb

Not that I know of - it is easy enough to write a script that will clear arrowheads, but they always display the same size on screen.

Here’s an old script, in case it helps, that includes some arrowhead adding and removing tools, including ClearAllArrowheads.

Unzip, then Drag and Drop the rvb file onto Rhino to add two aliases


these will work pretty much like regular commands. (1.3 KB)


Thank you. This is pretty cool. I haven’t done any scripting and this will make a nice intro.