Array with 2 curves

I need to create railings along 2 curves which have different angles and lenghts. I read previous posts about this topic but I couldn’t solve my problem. May you help me?

please post your 3dm file and point to the area of interest, or elaborate more on what you already did and where exactly you are stuck.

Model_forarrray.rar (4.8 MB)
I added the file with my tries. I need to fit balusters to fit 2 railings but I cannot. You can see the failure in my file.

Thanks for your reply!

Hello- ArrayCrv on one of the railing edges seems like it ought to work here, if I understand what you are after -



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Thanks for your reply! Yes I also find this solution. The problem is every blausters should have different angles according to upper and bottom railings’ lenght. With ArrayCrv I can choose only one edge, I think I should choose 2 edges or a surface with is between these 2 edges. To do this, I used ArraySrf but again failure…

Put one line in each end position and then tween the others and orient the balusters to those lines (best to do this in gh)

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