Surface won't array along curve

Hi, greetings!
i am trying to array this seat onto the rails beneath such that it follow the path of the curve.

Something like this(which i did manually)

But what i am getting with ‘arraycrv’ commands is this-

Any help is very much aappreciated fgrty.3dm (723.4 KB)


hi ankit
i had no problems getting arraycrv to work, if i started at the beginning of the curve, included some screen shots
the first one i started with the object in a similar place to yours, in the second one i started with the object at the base of the curve, may not be an answer but it might lead you to discover what you’re looking for

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Rail curve pulled out (Just for better view)
At both ends curve cut off (To the center of slat)
Then _ArrayCrv …


hey michael, thanks

Now i understand what was causing my array to go wrong. Thanks again

Hi eddi,

Thanks so much for such detailed explanation. Now the array is going perfectly

more than welcome Ankit

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