Array object along two Curves

Hi guys,

Is there a way to array an object along two curves at a specified distance apart? See file attached.

I tried creating a surface from the two curves but ArraySrf doesn’t like polysurfaces too much.

RF.3dm (7.7 MB)


Hi Hayden - you can do this with ArraySrf if you loft the curves with the Rebuild in Loft with a lot of points - maybe 80 - 90 In Addition (and this seems like a bug to me, or I’ve forgot how it works, but I’ll investigate) you need to rotate the box and the loft to align to world XY:

Then with the base point of the array at the corner of the surface and the reference normal a line Normal at that location, you can get what I think you want:

Then Rotate it all back again.


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Brilliant. Thanks!