Copy/Array along curve

Hi everyone! I’m trying to make an array of this small rectangle. I tried with the ARRAY CURVE in grasshopper but could’t make it work…does anyone know how to help me with this? Thank you!!

Array curve on grasshopper works as in rhino: it picks your object where it is and repeat it by “flowing along a curve” … but that “flow” have a starting point.
On rhino the starting point (on the rail curve) is near the selection click-point; you can have “strange results” even in rhino, but rhino/gh are actually doing the right thing.
In grasshopper there is no “click-point” near one of the ends of the curve, so gh uses the START of the curve; you have to consider the direction of the curve and flip it if needed, see here:

I followed what I’ve seen in the pic…
If you attach your definition (+rhino file) it would be a lot easier.