Array pull points and rotate on array

I have a box from rhino that when I array it want to extend the length as it arrays. I have tried to you the pull points component but not really getting anywhere with it. I am also trying to rotate the box as it arrays as well if anyone could give me any suggestions that would be great. my script isnt really working how i need it to GH array on 2 (9.5 KB)option 4 array.3dm (164.5 KB)

A quick doodle, does this look like what you are trying to achieve?GH array on 2 (9.2 KB)

Hey mark thanks for the reply and the GH script. Im not sure if im not assigning the right things but i want the boxes to stop the the second curve.

A different approach; but I actually don’t really know if this what you want to do.
I’m only guessing… GH array on 2 (20.5 KB)
I have internalised the brep and the curves inside the grasshopper file.

dude! thats perfect exactly what i was looking for. now I had some trouble trying create new lines assign a new brep because when I did it made a crazy array that didnt follow the new curves. How do I do it? also here is what I am trying to make i modeled it complety one by one which took forever which is why i ive been trying to do it on GH trellis 3d.3dm (6.8 MB)

Here’s a version for another lattice.
The funky behaviour has to do with the direction of one the curves; end and start points were opposite for the curves.
I had to flip one of the curves to make it work.
Anyway here are the files:

GH array on 2 (15.4 KB) option 4 array V2.3dm (332.4 KB)

Allright the last one with alternating pattern:
GH array on 2 (21.5 KB) option 4 array V2.3dm (262.9 KB)

thank you so much man really appreciate it. so as the curves direction just has to be flipped and it should work with any curves?

In principal yes, but you also need the beam in the right position. For the second lattice I mirrored the beam and oriented it to the starting points of the two other curves by hand in Rhino. The definition uses geometry (vertices and an edge) from the polysurface you created in Rjino, so this solution is specific for this case.

You should be aware that this way the chamfer at the bottom also gets scaled. If you would like to use it in a more general way, you should generate the beam in grasshopper (box) itself.