Array and scale on a path curve in Grasshopper

Hey there!

I need some help about one of my project, It looks easy actually but I could not have achieved yet. I have a vertebrae which is already scaled and copied in a direction but i need to create more options so I need a script which I can copy and scale the piece of that vertabrae gradiently until the end of the path curve. I ve uploaded some images. If you can help me it would be very great because the project is very important! Thanks…


here is a possibility by using a custom Graph, hope this helps: (13.4 KB)

Hey, thank you very much for your reply and sorry for my late answer. Is it possible to have a similar script with multiplaying a brep or mesh?

And I think those two curves both paths, apparently it makes only circles but what I need is multiplying a brep which I drew on rhino with exact the same parameters, is it possible ?

yes its possible! Just use the remapped numbers to scale your breps.