Are there any single line Fonts?

Hi @Gijs,

As Windows doesn’t support single line fonts, they are fudged by superimposing the two sides of each stroke, rather than placing them a stroke width apart. (It’s actually rather more complicated than that.) That may be resulting in what you see. The problem, in a nutshell, is getting the balance between ‘duplicate’ lines - which are needed for the font to render as a font in the textbox - and single lines - which are all the tool needs.


@jeremy5 but for laser engraving this is not nice I think, because that means the laser will have to make some double strokes too, which is a bit of a waste. The mecsoft font doesn’t render well, but is a true single line font. In Rhino 7 btw, I can get the font to output correctly when checking the engraving checkbox, but with double strokes. When not checking the engraving checkbox I see what @osuire posted, on the Mac it is even worse (lower one with ‘engraving font’ checkbox)

would be nice if you could fix this, because it is a clear geometric font. The mecsoft is also usable but has some ugly curves in it. It’s been long time ago that I touched a font editor. I tried to open the font in font forge but on windows this program is unusable, I might give it a try otherwise on the Mac.

@gijs, That’s interesting - I guess that the ‘engraving’ checkbox causes Rhino to remove overlapping curves before rendering. I have asked @stevebaer in another thread if there is any documentation on what Rhino expects from a single line font, so hopefully I will have something to inform my implementation when I get back to my office. I hope to complete the font in due course.


An update to my font editor has removed the loophole that allowed me to create an unclosed contour in a font, which was fundamental to my approach. In compensation it has made closing contours either by overlapping paths or creating a closing line a trivial task. I now have a choice: I can create a font that previews in in the Rhino 6 TextObject window as black blobs but renders as single lines (like mecsoft), or one that previews legibly but renders with duplicate curves (which could be selected and deleted). Next session I’ll see what happens in Rhino 7.

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FWIW, this is Rhino 7 with the Rhino Single Stroke font:



Hi Wim,

I don’t see that in WIP 7.0.20042.9575, 11/02/2020 - is it the one from this thread? Wish List item: SINGLE STROKE FONT - the link is no longer available.

Hi Jonathan - I was mistakenly assuming that we shipped that font with Rhino on the Windows platform.
You can still download that font from this post:


Me too! I was fooled, haha. That’s really nice, displays fine for me in 7.

I’ve started to get this each time I open rhino or new doc after a few uninstalls and reinstalls:

Read 1 annotation style that references 1 font that is not installed on this device.
Annotation style referencing a missing font:
	Engrave / SLF-RHN Architect Regular
Missing font:
	SLF-RHN Architect Regular

Hi -
That’s a known issue in the Service Release Candidate - trying to fix a superscript issue with that font broke things. Hopefully, a fix will be in next week’s build.


I have just found this great opensource project: GitHub - isdat-type/Relief-SingleLine: Single-line / open paths font running in Adobe CC, Inkscape, Rhino and CAD softwares

however their font only works with _textobject, not with _text.

Any ideas on what they have to do to fix it?

I’ve opened an issue on their tracker: TTF single line font not working in Rhino3D _Text command (not _TextObject) · Issue #3 · isdat-type/Relief-SingleLine · GitHub

I’m not sure if they’re compatible, but Inkscape has a few native single line fonts. If I remember right, it’ll convert to single line too.