Arctic View previews what is disabled in grasshopper

Hi guys.

When I disable preview in Grasshopper, it means it will disable preview in Rhino Shaded view right?
The problem is, when I switch to Arctic View in Rhino, it will ignore the Disable preview in grasshopper and it shows everything that I have in GH. So for exemple, if I have 2 design option on top os each other and I want to switch to Arctic view to preview only one option, it will preview both of them on top of each other.
Does anyone know how to disable the preview in Arctic mode? I mean, keep only what is on in GH like when its baked.


If you’re talking about the Custom Preview component, you need to disable the render option on it.

Hi Mahdiyar.

Yes exactly. Thank for your reply. Because sometimes I have so many custom preview in GH that I was only disabling the preview in shaded mode and not disabling the render… Guess I will have to click on both. Thanks again!