Arctic + Rendered and other views stopped working for good

I’ve been using Rhino 6 for two months now, and boy am I in love…
every single new feature is amazing… however, just two days ago when I opened a new file, every view became wireframe except for shaded… I searched everywhere for a solution but no luck… I’m sure my hardware is not the issue. if there is a solution to fix this problem like resetting rhino to default or something similar it would be nice…

Thanks & Regards,

PC Specs.
Intel i7 6800K
Acer X99 Sabertooth
32 GB RAM 3000MHz
All SSDs

Did you update your Windows and/or drivers two days ago?

It’d help if you pasted the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo.

Sorry I took a while to reply,
apparently there was a problem with GPU Tessellation, which forced the software to simplify a the rendering output.

Anyway, I’ve reset the view modes to their original settings ad updated the GPU driver, One Restart later and everything is better than before