Archicad Live Slab from Boundary Curves (mac)


I am trying to make a slab with a hole in Archicad using the surface from boundary curves in grasshopper. Grasshopper and rhino crashes when I connect the surface to the polygon AC component.

This is described as possible on AC ( ) and I was wondering if this is a mac problem or an AC live issue.



I am also having the same issue no matter how simple - I cannot create a slab / zone with a hole in.

I even tried Slab from ArchiCAD > Deconstruct > New Slab in ArchiCAD and that crashed

Hi - you might have more luck on the Graphisoft forum:

You need to first create the slab using just the main outline and then use the ‘subtract Polygon’ component with the inner outline.

You can also use this method:

refer here: