Creating an ArchiCAD Slab using a specific Composite/Favourite


I’m currently trying to automatically create slabs in ArchiCAD from zones using Grasshopper. I’m able to set the composite or favourite manually in the script but I’m trying to find a way of automatically doing it based off of a property in the ArchiCAD zone. Would it be possible to use text to define a composite or is there some other way of selecting what composite to use without human input in the script?


My solution to this is below. I used a simple Python script to pass in some pre-set composites and had a property within the ArchiCAD zone to define what composite I needed. To change what composite GH would create the slab with, I just had to change the property in the zone and send the changes.

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Glad you could solve it, Thanks for sharing your solution @robert.cushing! Seems pretty straight forward. I think that the ArchiCAD component could be a little more friendly to such workflows, especially with composites, which imho make a lot of sense in scripts, because if it there’s one thing we change a lot it’s composites. but seems that ghpython is a good solution to this. :+1: