Archicad live connection generate windows

Hello, hopefully someone could guide me to find a solution.
I am working with Archicad Live Connection trying to generate windows in some walls. To locate the windows I provide the respective insertion and orientation points, the probe arises if, for example, if the number of walls is greater than the number of points indicated for poe windows. For example, if I have four walls and only two windows, it draws four windows, that is, it creates two more, as if there should be a correlation between the number of windows and walls, perhaps this is due to the way in which Grasshopper works with the data.

VENTANAS.3dm (22.6 KB)

Hi Juan -

You’ll probably need to check an ArchiCAD forum for help with that issue as the live connection plug-in is their product and it’s not something that is widely used by members of this forum.