Place windows on curves


I’m using Grasshopper to draw VA geometry. I’d like to be able to select several polylines and several points then use Grasshopper to ‘detect’ which points lie on which line segment for the purposes of placing windows.

Please see the attached GH definition. I’m using Match Tree Structure from the TTToolbox. The tree structures match but when I bake to Rhino I’m getting windows placed at line endpoints and others duplicated.


Dan (14.4 KB)

Hi Dan,
The problem is that the order of the windows and the order of the walls connected as Hosts is not the same. You need to find the way to get the same data structure of Windows and Walls connected as Windows insertion hosts.
If you want a quick fix, just disconnect the walls to the Window Host input. When you bake the walls and windows, the windows will detect the baked walls, and will be inserted in them automatically.


Thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize that you could bake the windows without the host input.


Yes, that’s possible because in that case, the association of windows with walls happens when you bake them, as long as the windows are close enough to the wall paths.