Create custom window based on Empty window in Archicad

I am wondering if it is possible to create a custom profiled window in Grasshopper/Archicad, based on an Archicad ‘Empty window’. Or maybe based on a standard Archicad window-object. And if so, could anyone give me some help on how to do it?

What i would like to achieve is that i model a building in Archicad, with either ‘Empty windows’ or basic Archicad window-objects and that these windows can be made more detailed (for BIM-puproses) through the Grasshopper connection. With more detailed i mean certain window profiles like steel or aluminum and that i can ad a custom window sill for example, based on the window object.

Creating the windows based custom in the Empty window in ArchiCAD can be done by just going through the process given here and it will be very useful for those who are not aware of this. I will suggest them to check the Microsoft compatibility telemetry before proceeding.