ArchiCAD 22 Live Connection, Curtain Wall Boundary Custom component - Panels not showing

This component is supposed to give me control over panels of the custom Curtain wall (which panel profile is being used, or is it just an empty opening).
In the last panel component (connected to Panel Class node) numbers define settings of the matching panel (marked with the points inside the panel region):

  • 1 represents settings from the Favorite component
  • 0 represents an empty opening
    So according to the inputs from the panel i should have two panels and one empty opening. The problem is that no panels are shown. (image1)

the only way i can make panel appear is if i uncheck “Check panel region” option (right click on the Curtain Wall Boundary Custom component), but then the whole Curtain Wall boundary is covered in one panel, ignoring all divisions created by the custom axes lines (and panel settings of that single panel is controlled by the first number in the panel component) (image 2)

Here is the tutorial video that explains the same thing i did…yet i just cant manage to get those panels to show like in the video (skip to 1:38)
is it a bug? or is it something wrong with my computer/archicad?
Any help would be much appreciated

GH FILEcurtain (16.4 KB)

bumping, in hope that someone can help…