Editing a single setting in an ArchiCAD favourite

Hi, I’d like to use an ArchiCAD favourite to define the settings of my generated ArchiCAD wall, but I’d like to edit the Layers settings.

This seems to do it, but it doesn’t feel very elegant - is there a simpler approach?

Hi Derek -

You’ll probably need to check an ArchiCAD forum for help with this as the live connection plug-in is their product and it’s not something that is widely used by members of this forum.

Thanks, will do.

Hi, I’m having trouble using the ‘Set Multiple’ command with the Grasshopper / ArchiCAD plugin. If I right-click on my Zone container component and choose ‘Set Multiple Zones in ArchiCAD’, it then hides Grasshopper and displays my ArchiCAD window. Sometimes it lets me drag select over my zones to set a group, but most times it returns to Grasshopper after the first click, telling me none were selected.

I can manually select them individually, but in a model with 200+ zones, this isn’t practical. Any idea why it sometimes lets me drag select, and sometimes doesn’t? Can’t work out a pattern or reason.

Hi Derek -
I’ve merged your latest thread with this previous one.
Did you try an ArchiCAD forum? I’m afraid it’s unlikely you’ll get any answers here…

Thanks Wim, I have done, but there’s very little traffic there. Three questions and zero responses! Maybe the AC plugin just isn’t used much.

@viktorkovacs - will be able to help here. He is the expert on the archicad connection.