Arc to line

Hi all!

Here is a challenge. :fist: How do you get to make a transition/blend from an arc (doesn’t have to be an arc, it can be a line in any shape) into a straight line. This transition should be controlled with distance between each line, similar to offsetting a curve. It should also have a way to add amount of lines in the blend, so the total distance can be obtained. Or perhaps first total distance should be set, so that the number of line in the blend is set automatically. However, this would conflict with the defined distance between each line from beginning to end.

I have no idea how to do this, as I have read in other posts that offset is a hit and miss in Grasshopper. I am also a rookie in Grasshopper so I am unable to come close to what I am trying to achieve in this challenge! :crazy_face:

Happy grasshoppering! :boom:

Start with this?

P.S. Shatter and Join… (8.2 KB)

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According to your description, it seems you need Tween Curve. (11.5 KB)

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This is amazing! Thank you @HS_Kim! :slight_smile:

It was exactly what I had in mind. I am always amazed at the speed of what others who has the skillset can create in such short time.

I tried your code with a small change to see how it would behave. I replaced the slider at the beginning and used a curve made in Rhino. I see that the tween curves don’t follow the Rhino curve that I give as an input. Maybe the code needs to be made slightly differently? (15.1 KB) curve.3dm (52.8 KB) (11.0 KB)

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