Arc blend in grasshopper


I have been trying to replicate Rhino command Arc-Blend in grasshopper, and I tried Bi-Arc and as shown in the image it is unsuccessful. Does anyone have a better solution ?


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Hi Arian,

would interest me as well,
I tried this but its not perfect; in my attempt the continuity between the arc curves is based on the bulgefactor :slightly_frowning_face:
edit: i just checked and bi-arc seems to be working fine for me. maybe weird input geometry? (10.4 KB)

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You could use Rhinocommon Curve.CreateArcBlend Method via C# or Phyton.
Here in C#: (7.1 KB)


Bi-arc gives me no kink, just made random lines and used bi-arc. The tangents at the start/endpoints match. (8.9 KB) bi-arc

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thanks alot. it works perfectly.


If you look in Rhino you notice how blend arc created ; try to find a way how to create this

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Thank you very much,it assists me a lot.