How to tween curve between 2 curves along another curve´s specific points

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I wanted to know if someone could help me solve this:

I have an arc which is divided into 4 points and i have a line that has a height (its coordinates are (0,0,20). The height of that line will progressively decrease until it reaches 0, each height progression will go to a specific point. I believe i have to apply tween curve but im not sure how to move those height progression to those points without actually using the “move” component. Also, i dont know how to create a progression that reaches the height 0. (Im attaching an image that i did manually in rhino)


(Michael Pryor) #2

You need at least two curves to tween, or are you trying to tween the lines?

(Candecicinelli) #3

Im trying to create what i made manually on rhino (the blue lines), but with gh. Is there a possibility with some other component to gradually scale them onto the points where the blue lines are?

(David S. Mavrov) #4

Post geometry

(Michael Pryor) #5

Check out Pufferfish’s Tween Through Curves Along Curve component. About the zero length part, you should just make a curve that is small in tolerance (maybe 0.01 length). It will make things work better anyway. (8.7 KB)

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