Translate curve into arcs with fixed radius but different length

I’m trying to find a solution to translate arbitrary curves into connected arcs of a fixed radius. Basically I want to CNC bend tubes in a “wavy way”, as in, have no straight segments. All the arcs have to have the same radius.

My approach now is to divide the curve into enough points, connect the points with arcs of various lengths and rotate every other arc 180 degrees around the axis that connects arc start and end point, in order to get that wavy look. At this point it’s more of an illustration of what I want to achieve than something usable.

I wouldn’t need to follow the curve 100%, an approximation of the path would be fine, as long as start and endpoints stay where they are. Maybe that’s something that can be solved with Galapagos (no experience with it, I’m new to Rhino and Grasshopper in general), or maybe I’m overthinking it. Any hints that point me in the right direction? (17.1 KB) ![1|681x500] (17.5 KB)

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Thanks! That’s interesting, because it seems quite easy. However, it doesn’t do what I need. I get results like this:

Since I need to work with the existing tooling of the CNC bending company, the main issue is being able to define a bending radius and make every arc with that radius.
Also it would be nice to make the bends in all directions, (for instance spiralling along the original path) instead of a constant axis (like z in this case)

try this (84.5 KB)