Arc, tanget, tanget, radius

I’m looking to create a series of arc’s tangent to circles and control their radius. I can create this manually in rhino(see images) using Arc, tangent, tangent, radius however I can’t find a command to do this in GH.

Tangent arcs kind of works but it only creates arcs to the same side of a circle.

Nothing in vipers or pufferfish that I can find that will help.

Has anyone run into this?

Hi @jmunns,

You might consider using Circle TanTan and then trimming away what you don’t need.

– Dale

And that ?
Or double click on Grasshopper Canvas, begin to type tange …

Thanks for the replies.

Circle Tan Tan does not seem to give me what I’m looking for however its super close. I’m not clear on how the point input is controlling the center of the arc.

I have attached files with the green line being what I am trying to achieve.

Cheers,Circle Tan Tan.3dm (6.1 MB)
Circle Tan (6.6 KB)