Refiting curve using tangent circles


I have created a curve using the “control point curve” command but for the stage of the project I am, I need to refit the curve using tangent circles and i think it might be easier to do it in grasshopper but I am not sure how to begin. Any thoughts?

I have attached an imago of the curve I’ve done in Rhino.

Have you tried Convert command?

Hello, thanks for your answer. Yes, I’ve tried it but I need a bit more of control like exact radius circles

try something like that

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You can also use Curve.ToArcsAndLines like this:

private void RunScript(Curve curve, double tolerance, double angleTolerance, double minimumLength, double maximumLength, ref object A)
 A = curve.ToArcsAndLines(tolerance, angleTolerance, minimumLength, maximumLength);
} (15.7 KB)


Hi, this one is great. Do you know if is there a way to get to control the exact length? I tried the minimum and maximum in the value I need for my project, but can’t get the new curves to be this exact value.

Also, if I need my project to be prefab in an exact number of arcs as components, lets say maximun 10 modular pieces, do you know a way these arc divisions can be done moduled. For example in the image you uploaded. That all green components are the same module, the blue ones another, and so on.