Applying Seamless Grasshopper Textures onto Surfaces

I’ve been experimenting with applying grasshopper generated textures onto surfaces on and off. Previously, I’ve played around with the below pattern. I wasn’t able to make a seamless pattern as you can see and I’d wish the pattern can somehow fade a bit as it approaches the bottom. It was an open polysurface flowalongsrf onto the outer surface. Though of manually sewing it together by drawing the bubbles at the seam myself, but there’s got to be a smarter way.

I’ve found a close to perfect example of the result that I want:

Looks easy, I’m not sure if I’m approaching it the right way. If there is a better/smarter workflow to reach that result please share!

Perhaps I’ve been approaching the problem the wrong way all along. Somehow I feel that there’s another tool/software that can do that much easier. I’ve looked into displacement maps and heightfield a bit but also didn’t get the result that I wanted.

I’ve been asked to do the below texture too. At first glance, it’s voronoi with points that are moved up and down to create the faceted effect. The mesmerizing part is that it’s seamless. I’ve seen multiple instances where these patterns are seamless too so I know it’s possible, just don’t know how.

Wish there is a book or a quick course or a hired professional that I can find. So far, it’s been this forum and Youtube videos.


The better way is to not use flow on surface (flow will always have a seam) Textures like these are usually achieved from meshes (faces) not nurbs surfaces. Look into this plug-in:

Thanks Michael, will try it out!