Seamlessy pattern

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thank you very much!
I really appreciate it, it’s really important work for me and i would like your help.
I would like to do a seamless pattern, it’s mean that edge 1 connects perfectly to edge 2 ( i am doing a .bmp file from this pattern).

my work procedure:

  1. to do two symmetry of the surface, both sides.
  2. subdivide and morph
    3.trim by the size of the file that I need

my goal is that edges will connect seamlessly, and edge connection will be without gaps in the .bmp:

help divide.3dm (170.5 KB) help (10.7 KB)

thank you !!

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if you want to make seamless tilling the most simple is to work on a surface in tube or best in torus and eventually a Klein bottle or Moebius ribbon.

Hi! thank you …

I did not get you … how can I do it on my pattern?
it would be very helpful if you could show an example on my file …?


I don’t say it easy but the concept is simple.
You have deformed a plane and keep the deformation on the plane, translation on X and Y if your initial surface is on XY plane.
Now make a torus. Deform it on its surface (azimuth angle and sort of latitude).

I’ll look at it if I found some time and if nobody answers.

Thank you!
I would realy a appreciate if you could help me.

here are some explanations to do seamless pattern on a rectangular grid.
First I made some points in UV space, here UV coordinates are angles parametrizing the torus. So the is an angle to go on the main radius and one other to go around the second radius. UV is from {[0, 2PI], [0, 2PI]}.

In order to go in Euclidian space (X, Y, Z) you have to give a Main and second radius.

These points coordinates in Euclidian space are then used for the deformation tool. I here use 4Dnoise

For each point the noise give me a double [-1 to 1] that I remap to [0 to Max Angle of deformation].
I do that for the 2 angles (UV)

Could be done just for one if you only want a lateral deformation, set slider to 0.

Pattern is arrayed in 3x3 to be able to cut the middle pattern

After that it is your script, I just made a non uniform scale, but you’ll need to made the scale to the size of tile you want.

deformation on (23.5 KB)


you really help me, tnx.

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