Applying PBR material to mesh destroys UV-mapping

Hello all,

I’m trying out PBR for the first time in Rhino, although I have a lot of PBR experience in Substance Painter and Unreal Engine.
I have a scene with neatly UV-unwrapped meshes, all set up for Substance Painter. Now when I make a PBR material from my Painter files and apply it to my mesh it completely destroys my UV-maps. When I undo the application with Ctrl-z then the UV-map is back to how it should be.
Is this issue known and is there a fix?

Update: This only happens with a PBR automatically created from texture files. When I manually create a blank PBR material and add in the same textures by hand, then there’s no problem.
So the automatic PBR function needs some work.

Kind regards

Can you upload the model please? Was it an FBX that you opened in Rhino 7?

Can I email it to you? It is a OBJ that was originally created in Rhino, Unwrapped in Headus UVlayout and imported back in.

Sure, email it to or use Rhino - Upload to Support if it is larger than 20mb zipped. Please also add a link to this forum post to explain the issue.

I sent the file a few days ago through the upload function you provided, did you recieve it?

Hi @studio-oso ,

No, I don’t see any emails to tech from the email used for your forum account and there are no uploads to our database from that same email address. Can you email the file directly? Or post one here that shows the issue?

I may have used my gmail adres but it was directed at you and referenced this thread. I’ll send it again to make sure.

Okay, DM me here with what that email was and I can search it instead.

Hi @studio-oso ,

I got your file and found the issue. Please see the attached video for the fix. Also let me know how you made the “automatic” PBR and I’ll see if we can prevent the issue on material creation as well.