Applying circular Curves to a 3d surface

Hello, can anyone help me. I am trying to apply a pattern to a surface. the surface itself is a quarter of an ellipsoid (I have redrawn this independently, not created from splitting an ellipsoid). as the surface can not be unrolled as it curves in 2 directions I had to redraw the area in 2 dimensions so I can position the pattern. My aim was to use the apply UV curves tool, however, when I do this I get considerable distortion as I move out from the centre. please see below images

any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi James,

there are various ways to achieve this. Two easy ways with medium precision:

  1. _Squish the compound ellipsoid to a planar surface. Array your curves and _SquishBack onto the ellipsoid.
  2. _UnrollSrfUV the compound ellipsoid, Array the curves (or Spheres) and use _FlowAlongSrf (for Spheres with the Rigid Option) to transfer from 2D to 3D (_intersect the spheres and ellipsoid).


Edit: if the circles needs to be more precise regarding diameter then use cylinders instead of spheres

Hello Jess

fantastic, the squish method worked fine, thank you very much.