Rhino 6 bug - Thickness command

The Thickness command displays offset surface (as a wireframe) only when the original surface is selected.


The Thickness command expects that the surface already has been selected. If it has not been selected, it works too, but it displays error message shown below.


Hello - Thickness is not a command but an option on PropertiesPage. I need to add a Pause in there on the button macro so you don’t get that error. Thanks for pointing that out.



This is paper-cut - you have not mentioned the main bug.

I take it that is referring to this:

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand what that means.
(but then, I don’t understand when one would only want the offset - but that is perhaps not even the point…).

Yes. This is strange option. It seems that nobody needs it, so eliminate this option to eliminate the confusion.

The same bugs are in Rhino 6.3.