Inflated Voronoi Script on a Surface

Having trouble creating an inflated Voronoi script on an surface. I’ve seen how to do this on a flat surface but have not been able to figure out how to apply it to an ungulated one. Currently having the voronoi script correct, just need to be able to inflated each section. image|690x339 (20.6 KB)

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Similar to the watercube facade.

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Your Surface component is empty - you need to Internalize it’s data and re-post your GH file.

Here’s a cluster I’ve been using for quite a while that applies a Voronoi to a curved surface. This file might require GH6, or the add-on that has to do with Voxels - I really don’t recall which it is.


The Voxel related parameters are fairly sensitive, so be careful with changing them.

Make (164.9 KB)

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Just getting into grasshopper so I’m not too sure how to do that… Also my voronoi frame can stay as is, It doesn’t need to have rounded edges. Just trying to get the all the points to inflate within the structure.

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please check this one it might give you some better solutions … (22.6 KB)