AppendFace confusion

It is not clear whether AppendFace is a command, or option of 3DFace command. If you type it into the command prompt, it runs the 3DFace command.

_AppendFace is shorthand for _3DFace _Mode=_MultipleFaces _Append. In other words it is a command that runs the longer script.

Is there any difference between the AppendFace command and 3DFace command followed by AppendFace option?

Not sure I follow, the _AppendFace command runs _3DFace _Mode=_MultipleFaces _Append. There is no option _AppendFace to the command _3DFace.

This is an option in Rhino 7.14.

There is an _Append option.

Type AppendFace into the command prompt of Rhino 7.14 and hit Enter key.

Andrew -

  • There is an AppendFace command that is a simple alias for a macro involving the 3DFace command
  • There is an Append option in the 3DFace command
  • There is no AppendFace option in the 3DFace command


Yes, this macro is unique. It looks like beta experiment and is not mentioned in the Command Quick Reference.

It is a command, that happens to run a macro.

sorry i just had to append a face here

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