Append is super slow

Title says it all: Append is super slow, it reduces my framerate to a slideshow


In all cases? With a particular model? Can you send us a repeatable case?

  • Andy

any model, but the denser the model, the slower it gets, here a simple example:

appendface-this.3dm (1.6 MB)

especially in edge mode it takes ages to select an edge, it feels as if Rhino needs to go over the complete list of edges to see if the mouse is near at every mouse move

I had the same experience, also with large SubD objects.

I’m using a pretty powerful laptop with plenty of RAM too.

Question: what is the use case where _Append is a better option than just toggling to facetted view mode, drawing single subD faces using vertex snap, and joining them to the larger SubD?

Why not add an option in the single subD face command to weld vertices?

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In edge mode it is faster because you need less clicks to make a face.

Except is it faster when it slows our machines to a crawl?

Right now no, hence my bug report :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, filed as

I’m not surprised it is slow as I mention in the report due to the number of faces. Jussi will need to investigate if the interaction can be sped up with this dense of a SubD.

Hi Brian, thanks for filing. Please note however that even something more simple (right now I have a relatively simple subd with <1000 faces) append is very slow as well and takes about 1/2 a second to find the appending edge when hovering over it.

Noted thanks, I added that detail to the report.

Hi @Gijs, please test AppendFace in the next Rhino 7 WIP. It should handle SubD’s up to 1000 quad faces fairly smoothly.

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Hi @Jussi_Aaltonen it behaves weird, when I select from edge this is how it previews at the first point i drag out after selecting an edge:

Can’t the situation with Chain be fixed?

Sorry Gijs, I don’t know which version you’re running. I was expecting a new WIP come out but it is delayed.

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You can right click to end adding faces to a chain. Chain ends automatically when there are no more edges to follow. AppendFace will still be in a chain mode and it asks for the edge to start a new chain