App transport security policy...say what?

So I’ve copied a 3dm file onto my google drive.
When i sign into the google drive on my ipad or iphone (ios 9.3.4), it gives:

Authentication error
The resource could not be loaded because the app transport security policy requires the use of a secure connection.

Then i dismiss this, and i can see one 3DM file here from a few years ago, but nothing current.

so now what?

Apparently one can get the file into irhino via email, but how…? no instructions…


Brother Daniel?

I’m presuming you mean “when you sign into Google Drive in iRhino 3D” on your iPad. Just making sure :wink:

I see this too. This is a bug (IR-510). I will work to fix it.

That is odd. I just tried to reproduce this, and I could not. Despite the error reported above, I can see files on my Google Drive (from where I sit). Can you try renaming the file on Google Drive, then Sign out of Google Drive in iRhino 3D, then sign in again. What happens then?


Dan - well, what happens is i rename the file in google drive on my pc; i sign out on the phone, then sign in again, (ignoring the authentication error). I see the same thing as before - ie the one file, not re-named, and which i can load and look at…

How do i load a file from email…?

there needs to be i feel a short help file, or pointer / link to a webpage with instructions…


Strange that GoogleDrive is not working for you. I will investigate.

You can email the file (as an attachment) to your self, then tap the file to download it and open it in iRhino 3D.

Dropbox is also an option.


Hi @rabbit-

You might want to read this thread…it seems that some managed Google Business accounts might have restrictions on third-party apps that could cause you not to be able to see your files.