Anyway to crop a photo used as a decal....?

I have photos of stone slabs with superimposed linework of the pieces of stone that will be cut from them and need to use these as decals for a rendering. I can crop the photos in paint based on this line work and then use the cropped photos but is there a faster way within Rhino…? I have attached a sample .3dm file of the expected results and one without the decal(photo) attached. I have also attached both a cropped photo of the raw photos with the linework.


Emory-Winship-expected-results.3dm (4.6 MB)

Emory-Winship-stone-without-photo.3dm (4.5 MB)

you should be able to simply scale the decal on your surface to get that effect-

There is no need to scale the photo, it’s already to scale. I just need a way to NOT show the rest of the un-cropped photo.


if the image is a tiff file with an alpha channel you can control the transparancy of the decals borders.

or simply trim the surface to the size of the decal you want to show.


So I need to do the trimming in paint and then apply it in Rhino.


you can apply it to a surface then trim the surface.

or if you know the exact dims of what the decal is going to be applied to, make that surface accurate, then apply the decal, then simply scale the decal using the decal widget and adjust the decal to fit the area of the surface you prefer.