Anyone know of a way to recover lost Aliases/Custom Settings?

I just lost my a few months of customization including a lot of Aliases and am wondering if there might be a way to recover them.


Hi Paul… I am not optimistic - what caused the loss?
(Always OptionsExport when you make changes you want to keep.)



Thanks Pascal,

It could have been one of two things:

  1. My Rhino updated to 8.7 today. Updates have caused this issue in the past.
  2. I connected a new Logitech mouse and the loss happened immediately after…

I’m not sure which of these it would be

Hi Paul - it’s hard to imagine the mouse causing this, but I do have a limited imagination. An update of course should not do this but seems a more likley candidate - what, exactly is missing - custom Options, custom toolbars, custom window layoouts, custom display modes… any or all?


Well, it’s now like closing the barn door after the horse has run away, but… (2.4 KB)

It’s not automatic, you do need to remember to click a button. You could however make an alias and put it in your startup commands - that way it will make a backup every time you start Rhino. As they are independent and time-stamped, there is no risk, except you will probably need to go in and clean out the list periodically. Otherwise set a reminder to backup in Alerter or something.

To restore after a settings loss, very simple.

Close Rhino, navigate to the 8.0 settings directory


and just delete the entire settings folder, and replace it with the folder from the backup. Then start Rhino again. You should have it looking like it did when you backed it up last.

If you have one or more separate .rui’s in the UI folder, it backs those up as well, you just delete the old ones and replace them with the backups.

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Thanks Mitch, exactly the kind of thing I was looking for

As I have been extensively testing the toolbar and .rui stuff for the past weeks (months) this has proved invaluable for me - every time something messed up the UI due to my tests, I was back to working in under a minute.

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